Make Happiness Fresh Daily, a new art quilt.
I have been feeling like I was talking to myself on this blog. It is nice to get feedback from people who see it occasionally, and I have not had much. So, I took a break to see if I missed blogging. Am I doing it for myself, or others?
If it’s for me only, why publish it? I guess I decided it makes me happy to share the things I make. But I would be glad to have comments sometimes. This quilt says we are all responsible for our own happiness, so just make it. Whether or not anyone replies, I will do it for me. I hope you enjoy it too.

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  1. I wonder sometimes too if I blog for others or myself. I see it as a diary that I share online for anyone to view and hopefully benefit from in some way.

    I love your blog. I always enjoy seeing what you are working on and your insights. Keep it up please 🙂

  2. No comment.
    No, I can’t not comment, it’s a beautiful quilt.
    I need my blog, I can put off creating if I don’t have it, I think of it as a pet (sometimes a pet monster) that needs to be fed!

  3. I think that we all have to get to the place where our making art is about what makes us happy. Not anyone else. Whether anyone else comments, or buys it! Maybe thats a hard thing for women. Or anyone?
    That being said, it is nice to hear that others enjoy what you are saying with your art. And I do like that you have stated your intentions with this piece. And with your usual bright, spirited palette!

  4. Oh yes, so glad you are back! I think you could also use these words: “Making something, daily, is happiness!” Your blog inspires me…with your beautiful work, your imagination and your energy.

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