Today was a day of cleaning. I took 3 boxes to the AA PTO thrift shop, packaged 3 large bags of clothes and toys, and a box of books, for Purple Heart, and filled a trash bag. I moved some shelves, and put all my sons’ stored books and mementos onto them. I sorted 3 bins of toys, and discarded a whole bin of them. I relocated many books, from table piles to shelves, chose a bunch of bead magazines to offer to friends. I stacked about 50 books I want to keep, into a large box.
It was a day of high energy, so we walked around the block 3 times, for almost 3 miles. And I gathered all the things I need for a class in a couple weeks, reworked the collage I posted the other day, and packed a box of china teacups to send my daughter. There is a stack of art zines a friend gave me, and I’ve been reading through them all. Today I read 5 of them, in between activity.
Some friends and I are playing  10 Word games on the phone, so I have been keeping up with that too. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like laying around, and eating bonbons.

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