I’ve had a head cold for the last few days. Sounds minor, but feels like a big sandbag is on my face. I have been drawing in my art journal, but that’s about all the creative stuff I can do, besides clearing stuff from the bedroom for the painting process. Which is done now, and looks great. Instead of medium turquoise, we now have light lemon lime. My daughter will call it brilliant yellow green, I say pastel. I can tell the walls are lighter when the lights are off.
So, what do you do after painting a room? I say, paint another. I am working on getting my painter to agree. The guest room is looking quite dim, and the office is definitely a note of discord, being yellow, in a green and aqua house. I believe if I start the job, he may decide I don’t know what I’m doing, and take over. That’s the plan, once I can breathe again.

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