There are big goings on at my house. Rick is painting the bedroom. I had to empty the bookshelf, so we could move it. I took 5 bags of books to the library book sale as a result. I wanted to move the shelf to my sewing room, so got rid of all I could bear to lose. (Mostly it was Rick’s books.) Don’t feel sorry for him, my mother kept giving him Civil War books, and he doesn’t like to read.

The shelf fits exactly into the space I cleared for it. It’s replacing a small bookshelf that was not working for me. I have a huge library of sewing and art books, and want them in my studio. I moved the small shelf to the guest room, just around the corner from my studio. There has been a tall pile of mostly magazines on the dresser there, but no more. Looking through the books, I sorted them into likeliness-of-use piles. Those least likely I’ll want soon, go in the guest room. Maybe they’ll be the next to go to the library. The books on paper art go downstairs, to the paper art room (basement).

All the inspiration pictures I have saved, are in 2 bulging folders for now. I will sort them, some cold winter day, and file them into page protectors, and put them in one of my inspiration binders.
Much of the stuff in my studio closet has been pulled out too. It’s all over the room, and has to be sorted and stored, because it’s blocking me from working. Rick says if he’d known I would get rid of stuff, he would have painted a couple years ago.

Two walls of my bedroom are pale lemon lime already. I think I’ll like it, although paint always looks brighter on the wall than the chip. I have to make a new quilt for us. It was time anyway. Maybe I’ll use Hawaiian fabric! I already have a box full. Fresh, light color is inspiring, now I want to paint the guest room.

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