Billy Goats Gruff

All life goes in cycles. Sometimes we feel like creating art, other times we need to spend time with loved ones. I have a combination of those this week. My wonderful husband found an old book for me, that I have searched for in vain for years. When I was 7, I read stories from the book Giants and Fairies. But I left the book at an elderly relatives’ home, and never got it back. After years of looking through all the stacks of old books I saw in antique stores and resale shops, I finally mentioned it to him. In 5 minutes he had found it online and ordered it for me. I had trolled through many old book dealers websites without luck, but he found it in minutes.
Do I need to tell you how I enjoyed reading it all the way through? How I remembered all the pictures, and stories I’ve never come across anywhere else? I have a fascination with fairy tales and folk tales. You can be sure I’ll be making more embroideries very soon. But here’s the one I made this week.

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