What if…?

Sewing embroidery is soothing, mood enhancing, humorous, and brings memories to mind of times long ago. My mother was always happiest while working on her hand sewing. At that time, I had no patience for handwork. I was all about speed. I even taught a class called Speed Quilting. It featured rotary cutting, machine piecing, and machine quilting. But now that I have closets full of quilts, (and so do my kids and grandkids), I find I want to handle my sewing in a more personal way.

The embroidery I make is small, about pillow size. I can sew it start to finish easily in a week. The most fun part is finding out what I’ll make. It’s a surprise to me every time. I think of fairy tales, and they come out of my fingers. These are mash-ups of story characters, and imagined images. A long time ago, I read all the books, Red Fairy Book, Blue Fairy Book, etc. And I read Greek mythology collections, and Aesops’ Fables, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and all else I could find. And I watched The Storyteller, a Jim Henson production, which is a fantastic visual treat. And now I sew stories, parts of this, bits of that.

Here’s the latest. It has birds, a pink giraffe, a scary crocodile, a pig in a sweater, with watermelon and flies, and a rose, with a drop of blood on a thorn.                          .

And this one is The Swan Boat. Make up your own story. Be sure to include magic fish.

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