Hans My Hedgehog

The story in the title is by the Brothers Grimm. I first heard it on The Storyteller, played on CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, about 25 years ago. It’s a wonderful story of the dangers of getting what you wish for. On Friday I went to see a Grimm Fairy Tales show at the Edsel Ford House, in Grosse Pointe. While the show was not what I expected, I was reminded of this story, and others I also love. The Grimm show would be good to take young kids to see. The playhouse the Fords built for their daughter was worth the trip.

But I wanted fantastical art showing elves, goblins, and other characters we can only imagine. There were some lovely paintings and assemblages. Just not the scope and variety I wished for. So I started this embroidery on Saturday, when my husband urged me to make embroidered books of stories. It isn’t going to be a book. It was very fun to make, and you know girls want to have fun.

The fabric I used for this is an old cotton dinner napkin. Usually I use cotton dishtowels, which are quite loosely woven. I was afraid this might be hard to  needle, but it was not.

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