Today I finished embroidering a princess, and realized that no matter how I arranged her, she looked funny. I made one sleeve first, before the dress. It looked too long, but I figured I could make the princess taller, and it would work out. Then I stitched the dress, and the sleeve was still too long. So, I figured I could make her proportionately larger,  have a large head and hands, and she would look fine.

I made her head big, with lots of full, curly hair hanging down. And I stitched her hand and foot big. Then I made her other sleeve and hand, with the elbow crooked, so it looked shorter. Finally I showed my husband across the room. He immediately asked what was wrong with her. I threw in the towel then, and started cutting the threads in defeat.  Now that only her dress and head remain, she looks better.

I never draw a design before I sew. I always go with the flow, and make whatever comes to mind. This is one of the problems with doing it my way. If you never draw a pattern, you never make a mistake by not following the pattern. But occasionally, you make one by distorting the design while sewing it. So, Princess Monkey Arms is history.

2 thoughts on “Frustrations

  1. There are no mistakes, only alternate design decisions! However, maybe it’s better that you chose to UN-design the Princess. She may have been embarassed by her shortcomings…er, longcomings? Poor Princess Monkey Arms…

  2. Oh Kat! How I needed to read about your Princess Monkey Arms. Thank you for being so transparent. It takes a lot of courage to create and right now I am low on courage. Your embroidery story was just the boost I needed to get back on my loom and ride. 🙂

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