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I read 2 books this week. Walter Mosley writes detective fiction, and is a poet at heart. He has insight into the hearts of men, and expresses it in his vivid descriptions. I found myself rereading the lovely language he uses, to take in more fully his understanding of what motivates his characters. In the past I enjoyed his Easy Rawlins books. This is the first I’ve read of the Leonid McGill books, and I like him even more.

The other book is by Charlaine Harris. She writes about a society in which vampires and werewolves are an accepted part of the community. Their otherness is not always welcome, but tolerated. The stories are often hilarious, absurd, wild romps through frantic action. Her heroine, Sookie Stackhouse is a small town waitress, involved with the supernatural residents, romantically and/or murderously. I suggest you read the first few books in this series to get the gist of life in this brave new society.
Sookie is very likeable, incredibly brave, stupendously foolish, and idealistic. The earlier books are so funny I laughed aloud reading them. This book is an entertaining piece of character development, and carries the narrative of Sookies’ life along her improbable path. Warning: Lots of violence.


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