Hello! I am back from vacation. Too bad it had to end. While there, I made several books. This one is for me. I used a Special K granola box as my cover. I stamped, stenciled, painted and drew on it. Also, I stuck down a paper doily, and a couple stickers with gel medium.

 This is the front and back covers. I carved my own stamps and used them on this, thanks to Leann, of the blog Leanderthal.

 This is the inside front. It says “Ready, set, Smile. Being a clown is hilarious, love it! make smiles from everything you know. Switch off time! You’ll love giving your little artist muscle a sense of balance, ’cause the fun stuff just can’t wait.”
All the wisdom I gathered from cutting words from magazines.

 This is inside the first page. There is a Lady of Guadalupe, my favorite icon. And I used an antique wrapper from Rick Rack. Around it I wrote,”A reliable product. I have used my own personal Rick for many years, and he has performed admirably in almost all circumstances and conditions.” (Rick is my sweetie of 45 years.”)

More stamps I carved, and one my grandson did. And a cute little skull from a paper napkin.
My book also has tabs. One says Samuel Johnson, the next Road Trip, then a Gala color paint chip, and a couple strips cut from a watercolor painting.
This book project was the first, and you know I never make just one.
More tomorrow.
p.s. Remind me to show you my abstracts too.

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