I’m going to show you my day yesterday. I went to Deb’s house. First we painted newspapers. We left them to dry….

and we worked on some stacked, layered, velvet, felt, organza pieces. We piled them up, quilted them with designs, and burned away the parts we didn’t want. This made the yellow felt look like Colby cheese. It was a fun experiment. The only cotton thread I had was gray, black would look better. Mine is the yellow one, Debs’ is black, red and gray.

 Then we stacked the newspapers, with layers of organza, a map, and some magazine papers. We quilted channels all over them.

 Miss Bibbs, the cat, watched us manipulate the trash. She understands the impulse.

 After sewing, the channels have to be cut open. This was VERY HARD. My hands were limp puppies from the effort. I had 15 layers to cut through, without cutting the felt on the back.

 Deb found it hard going too. She used scissors on the whole thing.
This is her finished piece. She used paper as the top layer.

This is my finished piece. I used organza as the top layer. I will distress it more, as soon as I get a wire brush.

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