Progress on decluttering.

I have been trying to downsize my collections of art supplies for a long time. In some cases I have to decide if I realistically expect to spend time on a hobby. You know it’s hard to admit your time is limited, and your space.
So, this week I took a step in the right direction. I gave all my wool for rug hooking to a friend. I love to see hooked rugs, they appeal because of the designs, the texture, the history. But I don’t enjoy making them. I like to make hooked rag rugs, but not wool ones. It’s a different process.
Feeling so good about that decision, I sorted through all my yarn. I packed a huge bag full, and gave it to a knitter and art teacher. Now I’m down to just one small dresser full, from 2. This is empowering. So, the momentum was still rolling, and I pulled out my 2 large boxes of felt. The art class can use the 16 yards or so of felt, sooner than I can.
Next I want to go through the china cabinet….

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