I am the ghost of Christmas to come, soon.


The past few days were busy with my return from the baby visit, a funeral for a relative, and 2 days of family reunion. It was all wonderful, even the one sad occasion. We forget the close connections we have with family, until we are together again. Tears of sadness and laughter are very close to the same, when our dear ones share them.
Since then I’ve been soooo busy! Party time tonight! TwoTwelve Fiberartists will come to celebrate. I intend to make them a memorable occasion, lots of wiggling included.
And tomorrow, the friends of my heart, Baguettes, will be here. These dear women have been meeting for more than 10 years, every 2 weeks or so. We have witnessed ourselves grow into new life roles, from a bride, to some grandmothers, intentional artists, retirees, caregivers, and companions. Friends over all.
I will feed them food, and something for their busy minds and fingers to make. We ‘ll play a silly game, and laugh loudly. I hope we remember to take pictures. And we’ll share pictures of our loved ones. It feeds your soul to have a friend. The best way to get one, is to invite someone in.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

One thought on “I am the ghost of Christmas to come, soon.

  1. Yes, heart friend, had a wonderful time at your home yesterday. Left feeling full of not only delicious food, but the warmth of good friendship, and holiday spirit.

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