Long time coming

This was a happy holiday here. We spread out the family gatherings enough, so we enjoyed them all without a lot of stress. We saw family members who live far away physically, although we hold them close in our hearts. A family members’ funeral gave us a chance to see siblings we seldom meet with, and though it was sad, we renewed our feelings of sharing a family. We had a chance to do a kind act, and be reminded of times we needed help.
Although a family starts out at the same place, in time we take our own directions. We face different trials, and learn as we go to cope with victory and defeat. We learn how little we know, what we should have done, which choices were lucky, and how to be happy.
So, my wish for you is that you come together with family, by birth or choice. That you learn to see from the eyes of others, to care with the heart of a mother, to give as freely as a child, and to smile in wonder at every day.


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