Small successes

Although we have had 2 scheduled pickups by Purple Heart already, I gathered 12 boxes of glass, china, silk flowers and mosaics today, and took them to the ReUse center. I can tell you, it feels good! I felt pounds lighter as I drove away. For many years I decorated for each holiday, or season. Of course, by adding to the whole every year, there were way too many to put out each time. So I set aside a few things my kids might remember fondly, and boxed up the rest. And I took them to a local recycling center, so they will not end up in a landfill. I feel a little better knowing that someone will like them for the same reason I did. Or, even better, use them in a crazy, wonderful art project.

It was hard to send off some of my stuff. I dithered for minutes over a couple things. But I can see a way forward, to a different aesthetic in the future. Sometimes sentiment ties you down, and limits your re-creation.

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