Still packing

Some things pack a punch, some a wallop. Me, I pack boxes. Still packing away here… If I can only get rid of as much as I pack, I’ll be happy. I have been told I will take twice as much as I will use in our new place, and will do another round of purging. That seems silly, to pay for it all to be moved, and toss it later. So I am trying really hard to make good decisions. Sometimes, I just poke it in a box if I can’t decide. This is bad.

Also I am trying to pack things to give other people. Making those decisions is difficult too. People attach sentiment to things without an obvious reason. I want to preserve some good memories for my kids, but what is it they remember fondly? Unless I can show it to them, (not possible when sorting 30,000 things), I have to guess. Inevitably, I will be wrong. I hope that they can hold onto memories of things we did, and places we went. And not attach too much importance to things we had.

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