Finally, a new post

Hello, anybody out there? It’s me, Kat. I want to tell you a bit of news. We bought a house ! And we sold our house! So things are looking like change. As for me, I’m taking a fraction of my stuff. I found so many cool things while packing, that I decided to weed through my collections, and winnow out the best. SO, that’s what I’m taking. A lot of my former stuff has been relocated to my kids’ and friends’ homes. They can blame me when they have to clear a path. About 30% of my stuff is all that’s going. Or less.

I’d show you a picture of the progress we’ve made packing, but you can imagine it just as well. Picture a 20′ by 8′ area, 3 boxes high, of moving cartons.  Pretty soon that will be in a moving van. Off into the wild blue yonder!


5 thoughts on “Finally, a new post

  1. I’m here! Poised to sell lots of things in my annual basement sale at the church tomorrow and Saturday to make room for your donations to my stash. I’m even selling a sewing machine to make room for the one I bought from you!
    Sigh! Gonna miss you but can’t wait to see what comes next for you!

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