The last thing you do

Well, here we are a week from moving. The last 23 years of belongings have been edited, and approved or discarded. Many of the things I love have been given to people I love. The final things, sifted and chosen, are packed. They are not in all cases the best, or most meaningful items. Most of those have been passed on to others.

What I have chosen to take are things that have the capacity to become part of a new life. They don’t define us by their style, or limit us by their association with the past. The past has become us, and cannot be left behind. It is the foundation of our future. We are become weavers of our lives, winding up our stories on our fingers, and twisting it into the warp of unknown happiness, and unimagined loss.

So it is fitting that the last boxes contain the spices, oils and seeds and leaves of flavors we have consumed here for years. The pepper and cocoa, garlic and basil,  vanilla and sesame are ready, like us, to be combined anew.

One thought on “The last thing you do

  1. Well said! Such a wonderful feeling to travel relatively light into a new adventure. We only have one life to live, and you have let go of the past to embrace your future.

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