There are consequences to every choice you make

Today is the first time I feel left out since we moved. My friends are having important meetings this week that I cannot attend. For 14 years shared our lives, and now my life is going in a different direction. We keep in touch, but can’t touch.

I welcomed this change, and know it was the right move. I expected to miss those familiar faces. I know I’ll make new connections. But I didn’t feel these twinges until we separated. Somehow setting up my house with the same furniture makes it harder. So much the same, and never the same.

3 thoughts on “There are consequences to every choice you make

  1. I will miss you terribly at our get togethers. But I am consoled because I know we will always be friends. And that you will do what you do and continue to befriend and inspire in your new community! ♡

  2. My heart broke a little reading your words today. You are with us ALWAYS in thought and spirit. There is never a day our group gets together without thinking of and reminiscing about you! After all, you were the original Dragon that created our Dragon Lady group! I will be lifting you up in prayer. Change is hard even when it is exciting. We love you and I will definitely post photos for you 🙂

  3. Oh Kat!! I cannot imagine how exciting your new life is and will be! Try to cherish the yesterdays! Unfortunately time travel is not available 🙂 As you get established in your new home there will be many new friends and opportunities to enjoy. Glory in having your familiar things. Otherwise it would be like staying in a hotel or a bed and breakfast! I marvel at your accomplishments. Keep thinking positive things, all will be well.

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