Think about this…

If I paint one canvas a day, it will take me 5 weeks to use all my canvases. This is something possible.

If I use one yard of fabric a day, it will take many many weeks to use all of it. Maybe years of weeks. This is not possible. Of course, it takes about 12 yards of fabric to make the top of a king size quilt, and 9 yards to make the back. I can make that in a week. This speeds up the process quite a lot. So if I make one king size quilt a week, and use 21 yards of fabric, it will take a lot less time to use up all the fabric. But I don’t need any king size quilts. And if I make them for all my kids, it will only take 4 weeks, and 84 yards of fabric. So it will still take many weeks to use up all the fabric. I will have to donate some for charity quilts. I thought I gave enough away, but I really didn’t.

What I want to make are art quilts, that use about 3 yards of fabric. Takes a lot of time, more than a king size quilt top. Because every bit of it needs to be designed as I go. Brain power takes more time than muscles. Piecing a quilt uses muscles more than brains. That’s why it’s relaxing.This is the way I do it, you may be different.

I also want to paint and make collages, and mosaics, and fuse glass, make jewelry, and go swimming. Even more reasons to downsize the fabric collection again. As I put away the things I brought to our new home, I realize I have been very good at collecting the things for projects I planned to make. And I have made many many things, more than most people. But my priorities have changed. So I’m going to try to downsize my collections of supplies again, to fit my new life, and fit into my new home. Wish I had some buddies here that wanted fabric. Guess I have to join a quilt guild.

Take a lesson from this. If you buy it, use it. If you don’t use it in a couple years, give it away. The more you own, the more it owns you.

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  1. You have gotten very good at doing what the rest of us need to do! 🙂 I need to wear blinders when “looking” at quilt shops with my friends. Deb is better at that than I. I find myself playing with the bits rather than using the lovely bigger pieces. You should soon feel as free as a bird!

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