I’ve looked at clouds…

There is tremendous variety in clouds. And we have been watching them for a while. The clouds in Florida are different from those in Michigan. In part because there are no large trees near us, we can see vast stretches of the sky. The weather that’s coming is visible from a long way off. We’ve learned that just because dark, threatening clouds are approaching, there will not necessarily be rain. Even though they look really dark, and low, often they blow right past us. Maybe it’s because the state is narrower than Michigan, and the weather has been churning up over the ocean, which is so vast and has lots of energy.

And the clouds that don’t look like rain are also different here. There are mountainous white puffy clouds that look like stuffed animals racing across the sky. And wispy brushstrokes, thin streaksĀ  on the deep sky blue. The sky looks bluer. We saw a dolphin jumping last night up there, and a cow biting the head of an alligator. Maybe it’s a mental condition.

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