A new year in a new place

At long last, I’m returning to the blog. I have tried a couple times to make entries in the last few months, but had technical difficulties. Solved!

So, new place. This is our first time experiencing a Southern winter. I like it. It has been cool enough to turn on the heat a few nights, and wear a jacket. As I watch the weather report for Michigan, I’m happy to be here instead. Although many of the people I love are there, I’d rather see them in warmer times. We swam on Christmas eve, outdoors. And we attend outdoor concerts a couple times a week, and never need gloves.

As for a new year, I am plagued with disorganized piles. A new friend came over yesterday to see my sewing studio. Because I invited her, I emptied two more boxes, making the floor almost clear. Yay! It’s true that I stuck things on shelves, not in their proper places. But I’m not stepping over them now, and will organize better later.

I did get some sewing things done. There is a big quilt show on Jan. 23 and 24, and I entered 2 quilts. They are not newly made, but I added hand embroidery on both, and made new hanging sleeves. It will be interesting to find out what the show judges say about them in the critiques. I’ve been a quilt show judge, and I know they will try to be positive. But my style is a bit different from most of the people here, and may be a challenge for them. I’m sure to get a new perspective, and learn from it.

And I’ve been an embroidering fool, finishing a couple more heavily sewn pieces that are destined to become journal covers. I tried making them book covers, with papers bound into the fabric. But I think they will be better as removable covers for ready made journals. So that’s the plan.




4 thoughts on “A new year in a new place

  1. Great to hear from you! Saw you had posted during Cake Eaters meeting and couldn’t wait to get home to read. I am sure there are people down there ready to be converted to loving your cheerful work!

  2. Sounds like you are making great progress!!! Helps when you invite people over, then you feel compelled to make a good impression. The thing I would miss least of Michigan is the winter. The days are getting longer tho.

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