Changes again

Today has been a busy day. We played water volleyball, then made a lasagna dinner, and had friends over to eat. Then more friends joined us to play Trivial Pursuit. When I had a few minutes I packed my clothes for a 3 day, 2 night quilters’ getaway. And while I waited for the brownies to bake, I finished the last 8 blocks for my new bed quilt. I still have not packed the sewing things I will take to work on. But my goal was to finish my bed quilt top before I leave. It’s now in 3 pieces, there are 121 blocks. Good enough. Here is a picture of part of it.


I think I have changed in the last couple years. I’m not as good a cook. The lasagna was dry, I didn’t keep it. And I made Ghirardelli brownies, with chopped walnuts on top, but didn’t like them much. Maybe we eat out so much that home cooked food is too bland. Well that is enough resting, now to pack.

2 thoughts on “Changes again

  1. I thought Rick did most of the cooking. He must be having way too much fun to have time for it anymore. Have fun at your retreat.

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