Keep on Trying

New Years resolutions don’t work. People don’t even try making them anymore. So this is not that. This is a reset. Like ctrl/alt/del works on a mixed up computer to straighten things out, I am resetting this blog to a new reality.
Here we go.

At least once a week I will post what I’ve been working on, because it’s always something.

In case I don’t have a picture to share of my work, I’ll show what has been filling my time.

Even when that time is full of gazing at the wonderful artworks of others, in which case I’ll share it.

I think I got off track because I have depended on my smartphone too much. It’s a bad habit to have the phone stuck to my face, when I could/should be doing instead of watching. Too much of life is spent thinking about, instead of doing. Also, laziness.

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