Book binding fun with watercolors

I made this book last week, using 140lb. cold press watercolor paper. I used 2 little quilts I had for the cover. The spine is stiff bookboard, covered with a band of quilted fabric.

My friend Deb has been painting in watercolor for a while, and I hope to learn from her. Deb is a patient, gentle person. She plans, and works with deliberation. Me, not so much. But after 20 years of friendship, I am trying to emulate her example. A little. My painting skill is beginner level, but I like this one. I really liked making a book again. And this is a great way to use the little quilts, which were finished too late for the show I intended.

2 thoughts on “Book binding fun with watercolors

  1. A wonderful book Kat, and nice start. I, on the other hand, try to emulate you….your spontaneity and fun approach to art. 20 years, time flies!

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