There’s been a lot going on. My sister from Denver came to visit. She stayed here, and we had a great time. We spent Monday, starting with breakfast at a local diner, then to the Saline Memorial Day parade, to see my grandson march, as well as friends who are veterans. We sat on the curb with my daughter and son in law, and littlest grandson. We saluted the flag, and took pictures.
Then we went to my other sister’s house, for a birthday party for her husband. There was a barbeque, we swam in the pool, and we saw the youngest family member, Isabel, born 4 months ago. Her mommy is very petite, but Isabel will take after Dad, who is 6’8″. She’s already 27″ tall, almost the height of my kids at one year old.
After we had enough fun to last for at least an hour, we drove to my other daughters’ house, for the last party of the day. My sister had not seen the house before, so there was a tour. Then we lounged by her pool, and took another dip. We heard the details of my grandsons’ Destination Imagination Global Finals trip. (His team came in 4th in the central challenge, but they bombed the instant challenge.) Another team from his school took the top prize over all! He met people from Turkey, South Korea, China, and all over the U.S.
 It was a delightful day, filled with family and friends. I hope yours was as fun as ours.

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