I finished 2 wood quilt blocks, and hung them on the fence. They look pretty good, but I wish I had used different colors in one of them. But right now my dear husband is prepping another piece of wood for me to paint another block. I have lots more space on the fence ;^)
I did a little stitching on one of my art cloth pieces. So far only that and appliqued a small piece of gold metallic mesh fabric onto it. I can’t sit still for long this week. Our new little doggie thinks I need a lap puppy when I sit down.
We went to a wedding last night, at Cobblestone Farms. It’s a lovely historic barn and property. We sat outside for the wedding, and the barnyard animals started chatting during the vows. It was like they were saying,”Yeah, we will promise.” The rooster crowed a dozen times, the chickens clucked, the sheep baaed, the pony whinnied. It was very entertaining. Then we ate in the barn. Our table was in the loft. It was pretty, the food was good, the company delightful. The bride and groom looked radiant.

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