Alright, we finally got some exchange of vital information going about the blog/website changes, between my two tech guys. I can see this will take another week at least. So, I’ll tell you what I’m doing, and you can imagine how it looks.

1. I have a bunch of art cloth I’ve made over many years. There is a new show being sponsored by Running With Scissors art group, and I want to use some of my art cloth. So, I have made a couple sandwiches of art cloth, felt, and hand dyed cloth. And I have collected some 3D embellishments I want to use with them. That means bead fringe, buttons, and bits of glitzy fabrics. I will add other things I come across too, like paper stuff, sheer fabric, plastic. I mean to sit meditatively, and stitch in stream-of-consciousness fashion this week. Something might develop into an Above and Below artwork.

2. And another project I am doing for the show, is a panel with black silhouette machine stitching of trees on the edge of a pond. The background is more art cloth I made a while ago. I am heavily free motion quilting the picture, and plan to add 3D embellishments to tell the story.

3. I have cut and primed 2- 24″ squares of plywood. They will be quilt blocks to hang on the fence, when I paint them. Might do Flying Dutchman block, or Flying Geese, and Variable Star. Or maybe Milky Way, which is stars and 4 patches.

4. I collected a bunch of smooth rocks, to make mosaic designs on, and use in the garden, or as door stops. Now I’m collecting ideas for them.

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  1. This is almost like reading a book and making the art in my mind. I had a talk with first graders about this today… Can’t wait to see the new site. I tried to combine blog and website and failed.

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