These will be the top hanging bars for windchimes. They are fused glass.

 These will be the chimes, along with beads. The drops are fused glass, the beads are glass. They are meant for indoors, where the tinkle will be pleasant. I think outside they would soon be shards and slivers.

This is part of the 7¬† seven dwarf costumes I am making for my grandsons’ DI team. They are going to a Duct Tape Ball, at the Global competition. I made felt blanks, on which they will create the duct tape costumes. These are Robin Hood style hats, and turned up toe shoe covers.
This is the second time Thomas and his team have made it into the GLOBAL competition. Can you tell I am proud of him?
Destination Imagination is a creative problem solving competition. People from many countries participate. He met people from South Korea and Germany last time.

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