Studio Tour 2012

 Today we had the Two Twelve Arts Studio Tour. Because it’s the largest group of friends I expect to have over for a while, I decided to celebrate my birthday today. June 25 is actually the real day, but this was a good excuse to have a party.
So, I made gifts for my friends that came over. These are little pieced and quilted note pad covers. I made 30 of them, but forgot to take pictures of the rest. A 3″ by 5″ note pad is in them. I had a good time making them, and I think people liked getting a surprise. The count is now 135.

The funny thing about them is, I used the little bits of batik fabrics left from other projects, made 30 pad covers, and you can’t tell I took any fabric out of the box! Guess I have to think of more ways to use batik bits.

My house was the second on the tour today. First we went to Kay Cassill’s home, and had a great time admiring her collection of art, and studio arrangement.
Thanks to all the 212 artists who have opened their homes to our group. So far we have toured 8 studios. Our next tour is in September.
One of our artists offered to do a virtual tour of her weaving studio. We hope to offer that at a regular CakeEaters meeting in a month or two.

3 thoughts on “Studio Tour 2012

  1. I heard all sorts of happy murmurs over your notepads! What an inspiring morning, I came home and got to work…making a mosaic, but what I really need to do also is clean out and organize!

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