This is the story. I am part of a fiberarts group, with a two week task. We draw from a bag, a few techniques we have to use in a fiberart piece every 2 weeks. Last time the draw was1.) Start with black and white, add 3 colors. 2. ) Seed stitch. 3.) Cut with a wavy line. 4.) Add borders.
I used a busy scrap of black and white. I added red, yellow and green. I cut my apple with a wavy line. I added borders, and seed stitched all over. I did not like this piece. The only good thing is the way it feels, with all the seed stitches.
So, this week we drew the following: 1.) Add triangles. 2.) Repeat a shape in many sizes. 3.) Attach something loosley.
I decided to start with my last piece, since I didn’t like it.

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