I know this isn’t fun for you, but please be patient. I have spent a few days packing for an artists’ getaway weekend. I am going with the Baguettes, to an all art, all day and all night, all media extravaganza. We will paint pictures, embroider and embellish little quilts, mosaic mirror frames, and make self portrait dolls. In between, we will walk the beach, swim, forage in the woods, run out to the local quilt shop and variety store for supplies, eat smores, see a stained glass show, and talk, a lot. On the way, we will go to a bead store, Fabric Fair in Bay City, Ben Franklin, and who knows what.
I have packed fabric for 9 quilt tops, in case I have free time. You will definitely see some new stuff soon. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.

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