About Kat Campau

I am an art quilter, purse knitter, mosaic maker, paper and fabric collageist, crazy embroidery stitcher, beader, teacher, and interested in learning how to do more. I make ATCs, fused glass items, felt stitchery, seasonal banners, bead embroidered jewelry, etc….

I am an intuitive colorist. I like to stretch colors. Fiber Arts are the way I express this fascination. I like to work fast, making decisions as I work. Planning ahead is limited to deciding my method , the size of my components, and the color range I will use.

I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 6, and I’m enjoying the freedom I now have, to spend my time on fiber arts instead of housework, thanks to my husband.

6 thoughts on “About Kat Campau

  1. I met you in the pool today, and yes I have been following your work for awhile. Love it ! I’ll be bring some of my stuff next year and will look for your new club in the Eisenhower area. 🙂

    • Great! please get in touch when you return. It was so nice talking to someone with the same language, sewing.

  2. Linda is looking for you. She doesn’t have a computer. Her Phone number is 586-879-8219. She wants you to call her. Hi from both of us…

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