Finished lace scarf, and Trunk Show

2015-06-02 22.14.07 See how bright the thread colors are after washing out the stabilizer?

Today was my trunk show for the Quilt Guild of the Villages. I think it went well. I’m guessing there were 100 or so people there. There was a lot of positive feedback, and I’m relieved. In fact I took a 2 hour nap as soon as I got home. It’s funny how even good stress can tire you out.

Scarf, embroidered

2015-05-31 16.05.43  This is how it looked after stitching. Before stitching, I laid a piece of water soluble stabilizer on the table. Then I ripped up strips of batik fabrics and laid them all over it. Some are laid in ripples, some circles, some in lines. Then I laid the same size piece of stabilizer on top of it all, and pinned it severely.

Then I sewed it all down, using free motion and embroidery thread. Lots of sewing, hours of it. When it was completely stitched, I dropped it in a sink of warm water. The white part washed away. 2015-05-31 16.06.19 I’ll show you when it’s dry.

Wooden Door

2015-05-29 14.07.36 This quilt was started a long time ago, but finished last night. It was a challenge from Lynn Krawczyk, to the Running With Scissors group. She cut a photo into 4 parts, and we were each to make all parts in the actual size, then trade 3 pieces and keep one, to reassemble. The hands of 4 artists would be in everyone’s finished quilt. The timing was difficult to coordinate, and I ended up keeping all my parts. And now they are ready to show.

Lake Sumter Waterlilies

2015-05-27 20.52.16 Newly made, of silk and cotton. I planned to roll the binding edge over, so it was invisible. But the quilt seemed to need a stopping point on the edges, so it shows. It has a lot of horizontal lines that look better contained.

I got the shaded look by using a bunch of different colors of silk, and after I covered it all with black tulle and quilted it,  I tore off some of the tulle.

Resolutions are hard to keep

Hi, is anybody there? It’s been a long time, but I’m still here. Finally things are moving along in my hunt for like minded people. I am establishing an art quilt bee, part of the Quilt Guild of the Villages (qgotv). So far about 8 to 12 people are coming. We are in the preliminary stages, just getting to know each other.

Last week we embroidered small palm trees , to learn the chevron, stem and colonial knot stitches. I have planned a small project for the Monday meeting, our third one. We’ll make glue resist pictures, to paint at a later meeting. The Khaki Quilters are allowing us to use the room they meet in, for an hour before they begin. So anything we do must be pretty fast. I have applied for a room of our own, and am waiting for approval. In September our regular meetings will begin.

The Recreation Centers here are beautiful. Each building is decorated according to a theme. If you picture a community rec center, this is completely different. They all have outdoor pools, and a large ballroom inside. There is a room full of about 30 card tables, with lovely covers and pretty chairs, and a room with 6 pool tables. They have sound systems built in,so you can have a speaker or band, or play music. And it all looks as nice as HGTV, when they show the large, expensive places.

The Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center is where we meet now. It is a remarkable place, a museum of the military. They have uniforms and equipment from all conflicts and all branches of the armed forces on display. There are letters written from men to their families, and all the personal equipment the men used during deployment, in WWI and WWII, and the Korean War and Vietnam. And I saw a telegram informing a family of the missing in action status of their loved one. Ceremonial swords, medals, flags, and much more fill showcases. A friend visiting last week found a photo of a ship like the one he worked on in the 1970’s. It is touching, and sobering.

A new year in a new place

At long last, I’m returning to the blog. I have tried a couple times to make entries in the last few months, but had technical difficulties. Solved!

So, new place. This is our first time experiencing a Southern winter. I like it. It has been cool enough to turn on the heat a few nights, and wear a jacket. As I watch the weather report for Michigan, I’m happy to be here instead. Although many of the people I love are there, I’d rather see them in warmer times. We swam on Christmas eve, outdoors. And we attend outdoor concerts a couple times a week, and never need gloves.

As for a new year, I am plagued with disorganized piles. A new friend came over yesterday to see my sewing studio. Because I invited her, I emptied two more boxes, making the floor almost clear. Yay! It’s true that I stuck things on shelves, not in their proper places. But I’m not stepping over them now, and will organize better later.

I did get some sewing things done. There is a big quilt show on Jan. 23 and 24, and I entered 2 quilts. They are not newly made, but I added hand embroidery on both, and made new hanging sleeves. It will be interesting to find out what the show judges say about them in the critiques. I’ve been a quilt show judge, and I know they will try to be positive. But my style is a bit different from most of the people here, and may be a challenge for them. I’m sure to get a new perspective, and learn from it.

And I’ve been an embroidering fool, finishing a couple more heavily sewn pieces that are destined to become journal covers. I tried making them book covers, with papers bound into the fabric. But I think they will be better as removable covers for ready made journals. So that’s the plan.