Spotlight Auction

This is a little part of the fabric I dyed, stamped with my hand made stamp, overdyed, and stitched. It was made for the SAQA Spotlight Auction, coming up soon.

The Florida SAQA Retreat was a treat. I met so many talented artists, and learned from many of them. I did a demo of deconstructed screen printing. My screens were not as I planned, because they dripped as they dried. Now I know to keep them in place flat to dry. But the technique still worked. And I overdyed the fabrics to increase the color saturation after I stamped my designs on them.

We attended demos about using a longarm machine to applique, making papercloth, layering paint onto a variety of fabrics to make an interesting background, sun printing with a heat lamp, passing around a quilt in progress to have many different artists work on it, and more.

The camaraderie was great. I sat with different people for each meal, to get to know them all. The food was wonderful. It was the best food I’ve ever had at a gathering like this. I hope to do many more.

Petoskey Stone covered

Two views of a stone I covered in linen and stitch. It’s a Petoskey, the stone of Michigan, found on the beach by our cottage. Almost all of the fossil design is covered, sadly. But the exercise in unusual stitching was fun.

I got the idea from Quilting Arts magazine, the current issue. It’s a small way to pass the time while I had bronchitis. It did not take much time or energy, of which I had little. It makes me smile.

Circus in My Mind

Last summer Carla Sonheim had a free art making week for children online. I decided to do the steps myself, using fabric. First she had us look at a painting by Chagall, a carousel. Then we cut an arched shape for the background. Then we cut a horse.

Now, I deviated here. I wanted to use my fabric in whatever shapes I found it. That’s why my background is a funny shape.  And I have a box full of fabric prepared with Wonder Under on the back. I use it for fused quilts all the time, and have many scraps. So I pulled out fabric, and built a horse with minimal trimming.Then I looked at the shapes I had, and created animals to use those shapes whenever possible. I did cut some deliberate animals, but they were inspired by a scrap, most likely left over from a flower. (The shark needed only a little bit of trimming.)

They each have a stitched post on which they move. The clown is juggling my ideas. I always need a fish, to whisper secrets to me. As I work bits of music float around my brain, so they are shown. I added a bunch of flowers. At the end I was thinking of making a silk purse from a sows ear, I’m sure you’ve heard that expression. So I made sow’s ears all along the bottom edge.

My carousel is in a circus so I needed sparkly lights. So I quilted stars all over for light.

Book binding fun with watercolors

I made this book last week, using 140lb. cold press watercolor paper. I used 2 little quilts I had for the cover. The spine is stiff bookboard, covered with a band of quilted fabric.

My friend Deb has been painting in watercolor for a while, and I hope to learn from her. Deb is a patient, gentle person. She plans, and works with deliberation. Me, not so much. But after 20 years of friendship, I am trying to emulate her example. A little. My painting skill is beginner level, but I like this one. I really liked making a book again. And this is a great way to use the little quilts, which were finished too late for the show I intended.